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Live Social TV Network

Advertising Products

Smart PIP Skin

Your Brand as a skin on User-generated Social Media Content

Real-time Content

Live Social / HTML and API Integration

15/30 Sec Video Ads

Hyper-local Video advertisements for brand Recall and awareness

TagTalk TV Reskin

Social/Live Links/API Integration

Custom Content

Social/Live Links/API Integration

:15 / :30 Video Ads

Our Previous Advertised Campaigns

Tagtalk TV Features

Your Customer | Your Content | Your Channel

High Definition Display

Large 4K & FHD television at premium outlets to showcase your marketing content

Target Captive Audience

Target captive and premium audience with multitude of customization

Intelligent Advertising

Create smart and intelligent content driven marketing campaigns

Geolocation Targeting

Geo and Hyperlocal - Targeted narrowed audience with niche reach and better conversion ratio

Smart Scheduler

Advance scheduler with APIs and social media integration for your marketing campaigns

Detailed Analytics

Get API access and advance analytics to know the performance of your campaigns on Tagtalk

+70M Unique Impressions


You will be able to reach an engaged audience at the right time at the right place. People can't take their eyes off


Added value brand studies and proof of performance report (to measure the effectiveness of your campaign) available by market

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